Relieve back pain or other musculoskeletal issues

Back pain is common: we inherited our spines from our animal ancestors who didn't walk upright (or sat in front of the desk for eight hours a day).

Even without an acute injury, back pain results from poor posture, sitting for long periods then overdoing exercise, and moving in a way that subjects your spine to excessive wear and tear.

Learning correct movement patterns

In cases of severe and debilitating pain, a personal trainer is not a substitute for a consultation with a physiotherapist specialising in such issues.

In many cases, though, a PT will help you stay fit and pain-free:

  • learning correct movement patterns for exercise and for daily life,

  • improving core stability and the strength of postural muscles,

  • stretches and the correct way to perform them,

  • how to pace yourself to make progress without injury,

  • choosing suitable exercises that will protect and strengthen your vulnerable areas.

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