Improve confidence, lift mood, relieve stress and anxiety

Exercise can be truly transformative. On a physical level, simply being able to move through the world more effectively, being more confident in your body, being able to run, to jump, to lift things, can make everyday life so much easier and more comfortable.

That feeling of self-sufficiency, of being able to do things, can improve your mood exponentially.

Many emotional or psychological issues can have physical roots;

months or even years of neglecting your body can leave a hefty toll on the mind and soul. When you are unfit, even going for a small walk can leave you breathless, so you feel bad about yourself and don’t go out, and then you feel even worse.

Small incremental changes can slowly increase your health, and thus your general wellbeing.

Diet can also have an effect on your mental state.

Poor and nutritionally unbalanced diets have been shown to potentially worsen mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Many nutrients are essential to the proper functioning of the body and mind, for example vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in supporting good memory, consistent energy levels and general mental health. Of course, from a more superficial perspective, sculpting your body into a form that you are more comfortable in, toning, losing weight, can lift your mood and make you feel more confident. It is about being the master of your own destiny.

With the right routine, nutrition and motivation, you can make yourself into who you want to be.

Your PT is there to facilitate your goals; you are the driving force.

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